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13964 Bohemians If Your Not Jumping You're A... Great chant to get the crowd going Playlist
14093 Bohemians Tallaghts a Shithole, I Wanna Go Home Brilliant chant sang away to Rovers - not the greatest version though, let us know if you have a clearer one Playlist
14278 Bohemians What The Hell Is That? Sung to Rovers about their display in Tallaght Playlist
14995 Bohemians We All Hate Hoop Scum Not the best version. Chant aimed at the homeless b*stards - aka Shamrock Rovers. Quite simply, We All Hate Hoop Scum Playlist
15478 Shamrock Rovers I See The Rovers Fans Are Rising Bohs runaways
16143 Shelbourne I've Been An Auld Redsman Tune of 'The Wild Rover'
16699 Shamrock Rovers We Are Rovers Super Rovers
16768 Cork City Bohs Scum repeat over and over
17034 Shelbourne You Let Your Club Die Sung to Cork/Derry who let their clubs die and set up franchises
17306 Bohemians Yous Are Junkies About Pats Fans
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17397 Shamrock Rovers I Was Walking Down Phibsboro We are the S.R.F.C.
17456 Cork City Dirty Dublin... More Jakeen Abuse
17865 Bohemians Saints Go Shootin Up Junkie Saints
18498 Shelbourne The Famous Shamrock Rovers Tune of 'Glory Glory'
18523 Shelbourne Brian Kerr Ex-Ireland manager
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