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8420 Dundalk Since I Was Young Always and forever - Dundalk FC or 'Cumann Peile Dhún Dealgan' in Irish! Playlist
10189 Cork City We All Follow City Really gets the fans going - right rouser!
11518 Dundalk Dale Cavese - Dundalk A simple classic from The Lillywhites Playlist
12502 Dundalk Der Der Der Dundalk When we bang in a goal. (Ed: Dundalk are current champions of the Premier Division in Ireland) Playlist
12733 Cork City Stand Up For The Cork City If the team plays well, this is how we salute them! Pure class. Playlist
12999 Cork City CCFC Ole Ole Ole We sing this when we're winning, accompanied by the Poznan (Huddle) Playlist
13034 Bohemians Freed From Desire Bohs fans change old school tune into a song about ecstasy and their team.. Ed: you can't actually hear these words on the recording but we're assuming there's some fans singing 'em so we're leaving them in! Playlist
13199 Cork City The Rebel Army The Rebel Army Playlist
13376 Cork City We're Gonna Win The League Dare we say it... Playlist
13421 St. Patrick’s Athletic We Are Patrick's Saints European Style Chant Playlist
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13441 St. Patrick’s Athletic Dublin's Number One Saints Chant! Playlist
13569 St. Patrick’s Athletic Dale Cavese Brought to Ireland in 2007 by the SEI Playlist
13668 St. Patrick’s Athletic St Patrick's Clap Drum, clap and shalalalas Playlist
13924 Bohemians We Love You Bohs Classic chant Playlist
13970 Dundalk Champion Ole We are the champions! Playlist
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