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209 Bohemians FC Songs & Football Chants

Football team playing in the League of Ireland, Ireland

3934 We Love You, We Love You And we're gonna follow... Playlist
6940 All Ireland Champions A real rousing chant... Playlist
9746 We Are Bohs, Always Believe in Your Soul To the tune of spandau ballet - gold Playlist
9930 Hold Me Now Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now. Bohs Anthem.. Playlist
14096 If You're Not Jumping You're A... Great chant to get the crowd going Playlist
14225 Freed from Desire Bohs fans change old school tune into a song about ecstasy and their team.. Ed: you can't actually hear these words on the recording but we're assuming there's some fans singing 'em so we're leaving them in! Playlist
14280 We Love You Bohs Classic chant Playlist
14464 What the Hell Is That? Sung to Rovers about their display in Tallaght Playlist
14469 Tallaghts a Shithole, I Wanna Go Home Brilliant chant sang away to Rovers - not the greatest version though, let us know if you have a clearer one Playlist
14617 Don't Worry, About a Thing Bohs fans singing the legendary Bob Marley song "three little birds" Playlist
  Premier League Betting
14732 We All Hate Hoop Scum Not the best version. Chant aimed at the homeless b*stards - aka Shamrock Rovers. Quite simply, We All Hate Hoop Scum Playlist
14876 Come on Bohs Simple chant to drive the team on Playlist
16462 Tiochfaidh Ar La. . Bohs Cracking song for Bohemians
16674 Barry Give Us a B . . . Barry Bohs . . .
16909 Brian Murphy Bohs Number 1 Tune of When Johnny comes marching home again
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great* haha lewiskenny Bohemians FC Tue 25 Sep '12  · Re: Worst You've Ever Seen  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
*We've a greta big reputaion for molesting little boys,
raping old age pensioners and stealing childrens toys
lewiskenny Bohemians FC Tue 25 Sep '12  · Re: Worst You've Ever Seen  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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