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190 Cork City Songs & Football Chants

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7450 Wise men say Can't help falling in love with City - not a great recording, do you have better? Playlist
13095 The Shed To the tune of Who Let the Dogs Out.
13295 John O'Flynn Our ex striker
13360 In The Wrong Hands Coughlan out
13776 Dirty Dublin B*stard More Jakeen Abuse
14847 We Love You Georgie To the tune 'Can't take my eyes off of you'
14855 Whats That There Comming Over The Hill The Boy Wonder
15083 Dave Barry Great Cork Chant to 'Bread of Heaven'
15807 We Are City Super City Super City
16183 Carefree Tune of Lord of The Dance
16192 Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee Sung at possibly every match
16216 Wings Of A Sparrow A*se of a crow
17324 F*ck Em All Avin a go at the Dubs
17559 We're From Cork Repeat to the tune of 'Tom Hark'
18002 City Till I Die City Till I Die
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Never heard this sung at a City game. eric_barry Cork City Wed 16 Sep '09  · Re: We Are City Super City  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Awful chant which was only ever sung by a small number of people!! eric_barry Cork City Wed 16 Sep '09  · Re: Whats That There Comming Over ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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